Actor Ryan Philippe and Photojournalism

It seems actor Ryan Phillipe doesn’t understand photojournalists. This is just a tad bit frightening since Philippe’s latest movie role is that of photojournalist and  “Bang-Bang Club” co-author Greg Marinovich. Phillipe says in this article that he finds it difficult to “understand psychologically” how photojournalists can stand back and just let something happen.

Uh, Ryan – They are doing more with their camera than the actions of one person can possibly achieve. It’s kind of shocking that a 36 year old, who I assume has once or twice picked up a newspaper, can’t grasp that concept.

The actor, who describes himself as sensitive further states that he is unsure about the photography profession as a whole because it  ‘exploits people in peril” and shows us things he thinks should remain behind closed doors. Huh??? Like what? Torture? Corruption? Government-sanctioned murder?

FYI Ryan – each and every one of us owe a great debt of gratitude to photojournalists and their “exploitations”. Every day, they stand in harm’s way just to inform and educate the world about all the injustice and inhumanity that human beings can muster up. Surely, he must have researched Marinovich in order to play him. Surely, he’s aware of the book’s other co-author, Joao Silva, recently seriously injured in Afghanistan and also portrayed in the film. And Kevin Carter, who took this Pulitzer Prize winning photograph and killed himself following unjust criticism for not helping the girl in the photograph, and Ken Oosterbroek, who lost his life just days before the first free elections that would end apartheid.

I would not like to imagine what this world would be were there no one to document the heinous things we do to one another. Considering what happens in full view, the absence of witness is a chilling thought.

Ryan – perhaps as you’re lunching at the Ivy and discussing your latest film, you’ll think about how fortunate we are to have those who would risk life and limb in order to inform.  I have confidence in you – after all,  you are a “sensitive” guy…

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    It appears in the original article on Sky that Ryan still has difficulty distinguishing between paparazzi and photo-journalism, you have to ask yourself if he actually read the book and what the movie will reflect?

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