April 2011

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Daniel Milnor/ © Joe Mozdzen

Dan Milnor is one of eight finalists in the Cathay Pacific Travel The World in 80 Days Photography Competition. As you can guess, the winner gets, well, to travel anywhere Cathay flies in the world for 80 days. In the name of full disclosure, Dan is a friend. One of my best, in fact, but that’s not why I want him to win. Here’s why:

Dan’s a GREAT photographer.

Dan’s a GREAT guy.

Dan will capture the most meaningful, sensitive, informative and humorous images in those 80 days.

Dan’s really intelligent, compassionate, sincere and has the second greatest sense of humor. Sorry Dan, Buck Henry and Joe Mozdzen are tied for first place, but they’re not getting me to write a blog post about them. You are.

Dan’s wife Amy needs a break. It’s not easy living with someone with all the incredible qualities that make up Dan.

Dan is just so good looking, the rest of the world needs to experience his handsomeness.

Please – take a second and VOTE FOR DAN!

I would like to personally thank Dan for getting me to feel like I am back in high school. Wait…I hated high school. Oh, vote for him anyway!

I am presenting HOW TO GET WORK FROM AD AGENCIES in Chicago on Thursday, May 5th. If you live in the Chicago area and work or want to work in advertising, you won’t want to miss this program. An amazing panel will discuss a variety of topics to help you navigate and better understand what is happening in our business today. Details can be found here by clicking on the graphic. Early registration is recommended at register@debraweiss.com

Photograph: Barbara Davidson/LA Times

I am so very thrilled to post that Barbara Davidson of the Los Angeles Times has won the Pulitzer Prize for feature photography for her “Caught In The Crossfire“. This incredible body of work is focused upon the innocent victims of gang violence. Davidson spent nearly two years in South Los Angeles, Compton and Watts and eventually became a member of the community gaining  access to intensely private moments. Barbara is the real deal – as a photographer and as a human being. In 2006 she was also awarded as part of a team, the Pulitzer for breaking news photography for the Dallas Morning News coverage of the aftermath of Katrina.

Janet Jackson is the latest in an increasing number of performers who are demanding transfer of copyright.  I think all photographers should be prepared with a standard answer when these egregious demands are made. That answer might be “I’ll give you my mine if  you give me yours.”

Photographers have the ability to stop this practice. Just say no. Always protect your copyright. More can be read here.

© Glen Wexler "Sold Our Soul" (2002)

Check out the 20 page piece on the ever intelligent and talented Glen Wexler in Fabrik Magazine http://tinyurl.com/3m2nmxq

If you’re in LA , hope to see you at Glen’s opening of Audio:Visual on Saturday, April 9 at Mr. Musichead Gallery.


Understanding how to put copyright to work for you is crucial to your success as a photographer.

I will be presenting Copyright: KNOW IT OR BLOW IT in Los Angeles on Saturday, April 9 and San Diego on Sunday April 10 with panelists Lisa Matthews, Manager, Art Production, Team One Advertising, Photographer and PLUS CEO Jeff Sedlik and Attorney James Silverberg. Panel discussion will be followed by lunch and a tutorial with Photographer Michael Grecco who will teach you the correct way  to register your images with the US Copyright Office.

If you’re in or near these two cities, you won’t want to miss this entertaining and informative program that promises to inspire and empower.

For details click here