October 2011

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I will be presenting HOW TO GET WORK FROM AD AGENCIES on Thursday, October 27th at 8:45 am at PDN PHOTOPLUS EXPO. Joining me will be panelists Agent Ray Brown, EVP, Senior Creative Director, BBDO NY Dennis Lim, Photographer Glen Wexler and Sr Art Buyer, McGarry Bowen Amy Zimmerman. This program is geared toward any photographer who is looking to get work from ad agencies. To register, please visit here.

On Friday at 1:30 pm, I will be presenting HOW TO BE YOUR OWN BEST REP with panelists Photographer Robert Whitman and Patti Zarkin, V.P. Senior Art Producer at Publicis New York. Whether or not you have an agent, you still have to be the one in control of your business. To register, please visit here

I will be presenting COPYRIGHT: KNOW IT OR BLOW IT  on Wednesday, October 26th at SVA with guests Photographer and Author John Harrington, Photographer and PLUS CEO Jeff Sedlik and Attorney James Silverberg. This is a free program sponsored by APA National. Panel discussion is from 10am – 1 pm and a tutorial with John Harrington who will teach you the correct way to register your images with the US Copyright Office is from 2pm – 4pm.  PLEASE RSVP HERE.

And on Wednesday, November 2nd, I’ll be in Rochester, NY presenting at RIT from 6pm – 10 pm, and in Washington, DC on Saturday, November 5th at 3pm at FOTOWEEK DC. If you’re in or near any of those cities, I’d love to see you.

Not permitting the economic downturn of the past few years dampen his drive, Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Brian Smith along with generous support from Sony Electronics photographed celebrities from film, music, television and theatre working with The Creative Coalition for ART & SOUL: STARS UNITE TO CELEBRATE AND SUPPORT THE ARTS. The book features 123 stunning portraits (all photographed with Sony’s a900 DSLR camera) along with handwritten notes from the celebrities including Anne Hathaway, Spike Lee, Tony Bennett, Adrien Brody and many others who all share their personal thoughts on how art has influenced their lives and our culture.

ART & SOUL is the cornerstone of a grassroots campaign that focuses national attention on the need to ensure that arts in America thrive and flourish.  According to Smith, ““This project provided a wonderful way for all of the artists involved to give back and encourage future generations of creative artists.”

A generous portion of the proceeds from the sales of ART & SOUL goes toward supporting the work of The Creative Coalition, the premier nonprofit advocacy organization of the arts and entertainment communities. The book can be purchased here.

October is National Arts Month and this is a perfect way for all of us to help.

MIchael Ochs Archives/Getty Images. Photograph by Robert Whitaker.

Few people got to see this album cover that showed the Beatles in white butcher coats wearing chunks of raw meat and dismembered dolls that was to be officially released on June 15, 1966. The day before its release, Capitol Records killed it due to distributors’ objections. Known in Beatles lore as “the butcher cover”, the album was a compilation record offering songs from previous albums in addition to songs from the then coming “Revolver’ album.

Hundreds of thousands of copies were believed to have been recalled, but 25,000 may have been sold. While this was the only Beatles record to lose money for the record label, it did make it to Number 1 on July 30th and remained there for five weeks.

Robert Whitaker said the idea for the cover was solely his. Unopened copies of the album, originally sold for $2.99 have gone for more than $20,000. The photographer never owned one.

Robert Whitaker passed away on September 20th. RIP

Georgia O'Keefe and ranch hand. Ansel Adams © 2011 The Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust

This photograph is one of 70 from The Museum Set portfolio,  a collection of hand printed images by Adams that he considered to be his best work. While the portfolio includes images most frequently associated with Adams, it also contains portraits and architectural imagery. Thanks to his daughter, Anne Adams Helms, “Classic Images: Ansel Adams” can be seen at Lake County Discovery Museum in Wauconda, Illinois through January 8, 2012. If you’re in the Chicago area, you won’t want to miss this exhibit.

Romania 1968 - Josef Koudelka-Magnum

This photograph is one of the many amazing images from the revised and expanded version of Koudelka: Gypsies from Aperture. Originally published in 1975 and considered one of the most influential photography books of the 20th century, the book features 109 images of Europe’s Roma populations in Czechoslovakia, Romania, Hungary, France and Spain. To read more please visit here.