August 2012

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APPLE has pulled their widely criticized “Genius” ad campaign. Apple’s agency TBWA/Media/Arts Lab claimed that this was their strategy all along as the ads were intended to run only during the first weekend of the Olympics.

Does one miss negate all the great advertising that came before?

Just once I’d love to hear the responsible parties stand up and say “We tried something and it didn’t work.” Is that really so difficult a thing to do? Human beings make mistakes. Everything can’t be a home run.

After all, as Alexander Pope stated, “To err is human; to forgive, divine.”

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Is spending several hours of the work day “networking” on Facebook a legitimate professional activity? Is this productive in producing new business or is it a simply form of procrastination?

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Contemplating the greater mysteries - like your time on Facebook. Photograph © Patricia van de Kamp