“We make the tools and services that allow people to feel human, get together, open up.” Rebecca Van Dyck, Head of Consumer Marketing at Facebook.

Quite a shock to learn that one not only needs permission to feel human, but they also need Facebook in order to do so. It kind of makes you wonder how it is we humans “felt” b.fb. (before Facebook). I can remember how I felt and I’m sure that it was a lot better.

Facebook announced today that it has reached a billion users. Personally, I prefer dinner parties of six or less, but that’s just me.  To commemorate this milestone, they have released a “film” – I wasn’t aware that films came in the form of a minute and a half commercial, but since I prefer dinner parties of six or less, I may be out of touch.

The “film” entitled “Things That Connect” from Portland, Oregon agency Wieden and Kennedy is a series of vignettes beginning with people in chairs  (okay, they have one up on Clint Eastwood), which then moves on to show us other means of people coming together through various modes of transportation and a sporting event.  All to remind us that we are not alone. With a billion users, you sure as hell aren’t.

The spot – oops – film while well executed  (and it should be coming form Wieden) would have been better served by eliminating the condescending voice-over.  As if it isn’t enough that large type spelling “doorbell”, “airplanes” and “bridges” was displayed when showing us a doorbell, airplane and bridge, I got the feeling  (as a  human of course) that they are addressing five year olds. For all I know, they are. But when I was five I never would have been spoken to in such a banal manner.

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