October 2014

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I am really pleased to announce that I am in the process of turning this program into a book project and it will be one in a collection of books based upon my seminars. HOW TO BE YOUR OWN BEST REP will be the first in this series. This will be a comprehensive guide on how to best present yourself and your work. A select group of chapters will be available for individual download purchase. If you’d like to be on my mailing list, please contact me at HOW TO.

Too many photographers, too few reps. What’s a photographer to do?

With or without representation, it’s still your career to manage and control. Many photographers believe that in order to be successful they must have representation. But the landscape is rapidly changing courtesy of the internet and social media. While a good agent can help make a difference, there are no guarantees.

Photographers Stewart Cohen and Glen Wexler, along with Andrea Kaye (VP, Art Production Manager, McCann) will be joining me for a blunt and insightful conversation at Photo Expo on Thursday, October 30th to discuss how to navigate your way through the seemingly daunting task of handling your photography business.

Topics discussed will include: The cost of having an agent, Expectations, How to get meetings, Marketing strategies that may actually work, Understanding negotiation and much more. You will be informed, entertained and will leave wanting more!

This program is geared toward any photographer at any level who wants to have a better grasp on how to run a more effective and efficient business.

For information about Photo Expo and registration, visit HERE