May 2015

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A great deal has been written in the past few days about Richard Prince and his appropriation of images that he found on Instagram. No one should be surprised at this – Prince has been stealing work for many years. It is interesting to note that he himself has an Instagram account, yet he posts no pictures.

If for some reason you’re not aware of this incident, please look here.

Images belonging to SuicideGirls were among those taken by Prince, and sold for $90,000 each. Their response? Produce their images at the same size that were exhibited by Prince and sell them for $90.00. A brilliant move and if only it would devalue those sold for $90,000, it would be even more brilliant, although I doubt that it will happen.

What will happen is that Prince will do this again. And if he should do it to you, do the only thing that makes sense. Turn him into your promo bitch.


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